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February 1st, 2003.

Columbia Shuttle explodes in space and its seven crew members died in the 17th day of its STS-107 mission. Among them, the Colonel Ilan Ramon, the first astronaut of the state of Israel ( and until today the only one ), was a pilot of the F-16 fighter and participated in numerous war missions. 

Columbia Accident Investigation Board, the official commission created by the President Georges W. Bush, concludes in august 2003 that the Columbia accident is the outcome of an unfortunate turn of events and incriminates officially a light piece of foam...a soft cushion ! Rejecting several consistent hypothesis, the CAIB selected an unusual and confused collection of data as the scenario of the death of 7 astronauts and the destruction of the 108 tons spaceship.

The conter-inquiry starts with the questions of Gil and Meirav Tamir on the incoherences of the CAIB official report on the tragedy of Columbia and proceeded with a theological investigation in the city of Jerusalem. The singular discussion with three inseparable friends, Kobi Tumansky, Yuhanna Samah and Nadhir Nussaïri, helps the Tamir to explain not the how but the why of the accident. 

Indeed, the first fragments of Columbia are crashed in… Palestine, Texas, United States of America, accompanied by the mysterious apparition of the number 17, guides them in the conter-inquiry.

Prophecies announced for more than two millennia by King David and the Prophet Amos are fullfilled in the Columbia accident… Incredible but true : Ilan Ramon ship-borned a roll of the Psalms of David i, the STS-107 containing the Psalm 107 describing the crash !  

Without a shadow of doubt, the mission STS-107 was a fully biblical mission but Columbia must fall in the abyss since the mission violates several Biblical Laws. 

The Tamir travelled to the USA and visited the location of Columbia crash. 

Gil is firmly convinced that Lord Arthur Balfour made a heavy mistake in its letter written in 1917. The Jewish Homeland should be created not in Palestine, Middle East, but in… Palestine, Texas, United States of America ! Country of exile searched by Christopher Columbus for the Jewish people expelled from Spain by the Catholic kings, five centuries ago. 1492 is the same year for both its expedition and the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Andalousian Eden. Indeed, it is not a coincidence if the Columbia vessel has the baptism name of the admiral Columbus. Again a Sign of the Destiny… 

Gil want to set up a Sweet Homeland in the USA since Palestine, Texas and the city of Jerusalem have an amazing property and neighborhoods. 

Texael! Texan Promised Land, a magic kingdom. But the FBI is keeping one's eyes peeled … 


With this first novel, Safieddine Bouali focuses the tragedy of Palestine, theater of an ethnic cleaning never suspended since 1948. Presenting a rich argumentation, the novel dismantles the Zionist ideology and highlights the doctrine of the American Christian Zionists. They are aiming the acceleration of the second advent of Christ and the Last Days of the universe !

This book contains truths that the reader sometimes doubts that it is only a novel. Indeed, reference and bibliography placed in the endnotes underline the acuracy of the author ( professor in dynamical economics in the university of Tunis) to report the source of the cited events. Novel or report of the unvarnished truth  ? A book never seen otherwise.




Official picture of the Crew of STS-107




February 1st, 2003, Columbia exploded in flight.

Disturbing fact , the first debris of Columbia fell in...


Palestine, Anderson county , Texas, United States of America ! 

 A coincidence, you think ?

Very well...

Whereas it was aged of
28 years, why Columbia is blew up in its


28th space flight, over Texas which is the 28th State of the Union,


after orbiting at speed of 28.000 km/h, at 280 km of altitude,


photographed January 28, 2003 by the automatic camera A.M.O.S.,


the same name of a jewish prophet lived 28 centuries ago ?  




Image from the optical camera AMOS...the same name of the Prophet Amos !


  Nothing but coincidences, do you think again ?  

  Very well...  
The VCR recorder of the Israeli experience MEIDEX


failed where Columbia did  its  28th orbit around the Earth !


  Do you think that it is just a coincidence ?  

Very well...  

Columbia's flight ranking was
STS-28  after... the Challenger's tragedy! 
 A coincidence, again ?  
Very well...  
Christopher Columbus, whose Shuttle Columbia glorify his baptismal name,


a recent biographies  revealed that he was a Jew*,


he sailed toward the new world following the parallel latitude  28°North !


*Christopher Columbus Jewish

by William Nicholls, Jane Frances Amler  


If you persist to believe that it was only a coincidences ...  
...you deserve to know the other " coincidences " of Columbia's tragedy


in the novel based on real facts:



Other  "coincidence"… theological that one!  
January, 21st, 2003. Ilan Ramon shows the Holy Book of David's Psalms

on Columbia Shuttle while it was accomplishing the mission STS-107...


In fact, what contains the Psalm-107 ?  

« They mount up to the heavens, they go down again

to the depths: Their soul melteth away because of trouble.

They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man,

And are at their wits end… »

[Psalm 107 (26-27), American Standard Version]

A description from a witness given 3000 years ago !  
Again a result of the randomness of events,


this correspondance betwen STS-107 and Psalm-107 ?  

Could it be that Ps-107 is a prophecy of the STS-107 tragedy ?

Incredible 107 ! This number is the 28th prime number ( 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, …) !  

 Your reply is again : « I don't really think so » ?

Columbia blows up in its 17th day of the mission STS-107.

17 years after the tragedy of Challenger (1986) ! 
And don't forget ! Colonel Ilan Ramon is the 17th astronaut

killed in NASA spacecrafts.
White, Grissom and Chaffees died in a training exercise of Appolo I in 1967.

Scobee, Smith, Resnik, Onizuka, McNair, Jarvis and McAuliffe died

in the tragedy of Challenger in 1986.  

Eventually, In the official list of the crew of Columbia, Ramon, the israeli astronaut,

is in the last position (non-american member of the team) , in the 7th rank.  
Ilan Ramon is ranked : 3 + 7 +7 = 17th !


Another 17 ?

The Christopher Columbus’ fleet in his second expedition to the New World

contained 17 vessels ... And, in his honor, Columbia spaceship was baptized !

This is the official site of The Promised Texas Land, a novel focused


on the accident (the destiny?) of Columbia.  

A fiction but that contains along its 530 pages, a deep truth on the Columbia tragedy

occurring in 2003.  
Events, dates and the real facts of the last flight of Columbia lead


to an only one conclusion: from the set of coincidences emerge the term: DESTINY.

The loss of STS-107 Columbia and its crew

is not a “conjunction of bad circumstances”.

Facing these incredible evidence, Meirav Tumansky-Tamir

exclaimed: " A dozen of coincidences aren’t coincidences "!

Thus, the destiny of Columbia was announced from millennia


by David and Amos, two Prophets of the Jewish people !


 Indeed, Columbia shall fall in the abyss...  

But why the investigation on the tragedy of Columbia would have

a biblical posture ?  

First element?

The astronaut of the state of Israel brings a roll of Psalms of King David and that...  

But we proceed step-by-step...

 Translation pages under construction... 





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